City Gardens Suite Feature: Bedroom January 16, 2024

At City Gardens, bedrooms have been thoughtfully designed and crafted to blend functionality, spaciousness, aesthetics, and unique features inspired by nature. We spoke to Kelson Group’s interior design director and lead, Trish Becher, to learn more about what makes these spaces appealing to prospective residents.

A key feature that will define the bedrooms at Trillium Tower is the generous amount of natural light. Thanks to the large windows, residents will enjoy a bright and airy ambiance, creating the look and feel of a natural oasis in the centre of the city.

Similarly, bedrooms will offer a flexible lighting solution that will allow residents to create their own atmosphere and enhance their overall living experience.

“With both a ceiling fixture and the option for residents to place lamps on their nightstands, the lighting can be tailored to suit different moods and activities,” explained Becher.

Beyond the lighting, the laminate flooring from the main areas of the condo will also be featured in the bedrooms, not only providing a seamless design flow but also contributing to a more allergy-friendly space.

As Becher noted, “With flooring that can be kept allergen free with regular cleaning, we will be able to promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for our residents.”

Additionally, most primary bedrooms at Trillium will feature walk-in closets, providing ample room for storage in a space that residents can personalize to suit their needs.

“Walk-through and walk-in closets include custom closet organizers that match the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, maximizing the storage space with aesthetically pleasing millwork,” said Becher, adding that layouts might vary depending on the unit floor plan and size/shape of the closet.

For some one-bedroom units, these will have a more conventional style of closet, which will still be finished with a closet organizer system matching the kitchen and vanity cabinetry.

Primary bedrooms will also have a painted feature wall, which will elevate the design and transform the space by creating a stronger focal point in the room.

As for the secondary bedrooms, Becher explained that these will feature a white melamine shelf and chrome rod to provide a functional storage solution.

“The white melamine and chrome shelf is a step up in quality from the standard white wire shelving,” she noted. “As the shelf is solid, it is a nicer surface to place items on, and overall, they are more attractive looking.”

Without a doubt, the thoughtful integration of natural elements, flexible lighting, laminate flooring, and versatile storage solutions will help future residents of Trillium live better. Stay tuned for more updates about City Gardens to uncover what makes this urban oasis the ultimate place for luxurious and effortless living.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: January 16, 2024

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