Know Your Neighbours: City Gardens Trillium November 4, 2022

Moving into a new neighbourhood is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and experience all that the neighbourhood has to offer. Before making the decision to move, oftentimes people want to know what their neighbourhood is going to look like and who their neighbours are going to be.

After City Gardens’ sales launch of the Trillium tower, Brendan Shaw, REALTOR® and Managing Broker of Brendan Shaw Real Estate has been asked by potential purchasers “who is moving into Trillium” in an effort to know what the community might look like. Some demographic information is becoming clearer, confirmed Shaw.

 “We have a fairly broad range of purchasers; however, we have noticed the vast majority of purchasers intend to be owner-occupiers and are mostly from the Kamloops region,” said Shaw. “There is a predominant mix of owner-occupied ‘downsizers’ in the 50+ age bracket. This demographic has made up approximately 58% of purchasers thus far.” 

With Trillium condo units being pet friendly, this means pet owners and their pets will be a part of the
neighbourhood. For Trillium, two household fur babies are allowed, if they are less than 50 pounds each
and less than 22 inches from the shoulders.

“What makes Trillium at City Gardens special is the location and form of architecture. Having a location
in the heart of downtown is perfect for first-time buyers (who have made up approximately 26% of 

purchasers as of today) and professionals in that it is close to all the action – restaurants, parks, retail and more. Additionally, the floor plans created by the architects ensure there is something for anyone with any budget from small studios in the mid-300s to sub-penthouse units around $1,500,000, there is truly a design for everyone,” noted Shaw.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: November 4, 2022

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