City Gardens: Working from Home January 11, 2024

With the growing number of professionals embracing the remote work lifestyle, City Gardens stands as the ideal sanctuary to embrace the opportunity to work-from-home. At Trillium, the 24-storey tower and the first of the residential buildings to rise at the City Gardens development, suites will provide a perfect balance between comfort and productivity, right in the heart of downtown Kamloops.

Open living room space with natural light

A well-lit and refreshing workspace is essential for productivity, and suites at Trillium will feature large windows that maximize natural light and create an uplifting atmosphere for the workday. The open-concept design will not only establish a seamless connection to the outdoors but will also offer a flexible living room space residents can adapt to fit their daily routines. Whether they prefer a cozy corner for focused work or need a more expansive setup, each suite will cater to their unique work-from-home need.

Personal workstations

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all that is needed to boost creativity and productivity. Trillium’s amenity space on the second floor will feature personal workspaces that blend comfort and functionality. Whether residents seek a quiet corner to focus or a place to disconnect for a while, the planned workspaces are designed to cater to their diverse work needs.

Fitness room

To help foster a healthy work-life balance, Trillium at City Gardens will feature a gym and a yoga multipurpose room on the second floor. The easy access and convenience will allow residents to have a quick workout session or do some meditative stretching to revitalize their mind and body, helping them relax before or after a day of work.

Sky Lounge

Trillium’s Sky Lounge, located on the 22nd floor, will also offer a peaceful setting during the day, ideal for those wanting to take a break. This area will feature unparalleled views of the city and valleys, allowing residents to recharge and return to their tasks with renewed energy.

Suites in Trillium at City Gardens will totally redefine the concept of working from home, creating an environment where work and life coexist effortlessly to ensure residents live, feel and work better.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: January 11, 2024

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