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What is the timeline for this project?

City Gardens received approval of our development permit from the City of Kamloops in December 2021. We have moved and relocated houses on the site of the City Gardens development and construction on the development’s three level parkade began in Summer 2022. Construction of Trillium, the 24-storey tower started in Spring 2023 with an anticipated two-year timeframe to complete, brining us to occupancy in 2025. The timelines for the other buildings are not yet determined and will depend on market demand and availability of tradespeople.

How can I stay up to date on the project?

We recommend you sign up for our newsletter here. We will be providing updates via email on City Gardens as it moves forward as well as our website www.kamloopscitygardens.ca and you can follow along on our social media pages, either Facebook or Instagram.

What is the mix of housing options available for rent/purchase? What are the prices/monthly rental costs?

Although not confirmed, we intend to provide a mix of housing options for purchase: studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom suites but each building will vary. We invite you to explore suite options in Trillium tower by clicking here. We will also have a range of studio, one- and two-bedroom suites for rent. Currently, we do not know prices for rentals as we are still in the planning stage. Once we have that information, we will disclose it to the community.

What did you do with the old houses on Nicola Street? Did they have heritage status?

The old houses on Nicola Street were not listed on the heritage registry. Read about the work we have done to:

Edwardian Foursquare House: 435 Battle Street

Edwardian Foursquare-Style House Finds its Forever Home: 435 Battle Street

Relocate Houses: 430 Nicola Street
Move the “Little Pink House”: 430 Nicola Street
Providing Salvage Opportunities
Capturing History in Paint
Working with Nickel Bros. House Moving

What is the plan for parking? And what about bike storage?

We are building parking structures underneath the footprint of the development on the city block between Nicola Street and Battle Street on the 400 Block. The structures are three stories deep and will accommodate up to 600 stalls, according to our architect’s plans. Some parking stalls will have EV chargers installed for your convenience. We will also have ample bike storage and scooter storage so residents can easily lock and go.

Will there be opportunities to have Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations within the parking facilities?

Yes. We understand this is where the future is moving and have already had many inquiries into EV charging stations. While we do not plan to install them for every individual stall, when people purchase they have the option to upgrade it with an installed EV charger.

What does ownership look like? Will there be an opportunity to have rental investment properties?

We will allow investors to purchase suites for longer term rental opportunities in the strata buildings such as the two towers (Trillium and Alyssium) and at least one of the wood frame buildings. We have not yet determined if short-term rentals will be allowed.

What amenities will be on site? Will they be open to the public?

We will have commercial spaces, a dog park, children’s play area, and many common areas for people to sit and enjoy. As this is not a gated community, many of these spaces will be open to the wider community to enjoy such as the plaza between the towers, however, some areas will be exclusive to residents only.

What does security look like for the development?

This is a large development, and we will have some beautiful features to enhance the common spaces and areas the public can enjoy, thus our plan is to have some kind of on-site security to monitor the area to ensure our residents’ and community’s safety.

What are you expecting to open in the commercial spaces?

We are hoping to have a restaurant (casual/coffee) and a grocery/deli but we have not made any final decisions yet.  We are open to inquiries to rent these spaces. Please email your inquiries to citygardens@kelsongroup.com

What opportunities will there be for including public art into the project?

Much like we have done with other Kelson Group buildings, we will be working with local artisans like Debbie Milner Lively to have artwork a part of the development because we believe it enhances living spaces. We look forward to working with local artists to help create and deliver on a beautiful vision that pairs well with our vision for City Gardens.

The name of the development is City Gardens. What kind of gardens, trees, and green space will be incorporated into the design?

The idea of the design of the development is to have an oasis-feel captured in our interior and exterior living spaces. The plan currently is to have many common grassy areas, water features, lush landscaping, and trees to compliment our “City Gardens” vision. We will be working with specialists in this field of expertise to make their recommendations.

Trillium – Is there bike storage?

Yes, secured common bike storage will be located in the parkade.

Trillium – What are the ceiling heights?

The ceiling heights of each unit will be around 9’, with the odd drop for mechanical. 

Trillium – Will there be gas appliances?

Yes, to the Canopy Collection kitchen and patios, floors 19-22. Additional fees may apply.

Trillium – What is the heating and cooling system?

The heating and cooling will be a centralized heating and cooling Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). In addition, there will be individual electric backup systems in each unit. 

Trillium – Will there be parcel lockers?

Yes, located in the lobby.

Trillium – What kind of parking is included?

Each unit will be provided 1 parking stall. A limited number of additional parking stalls provided at an additional cost.

Trillium – What kind of storage is included?

There will be a limited number available in the parkade on a first come first served basis for additional costs. 

Trillium – Are there pet restrictions?

Two household fur babies are allowed. (less than 50 pounds each and less than 22in)

Trillium – Is there visitor parking?

105 spots will be allocated under the south rental building when completed. Short term surface parking to be confirmed during construction.

Trillium – Is there a new home owner warranty?

Yes, there will be a 2 year | 5 year | 10 year home warranty package provided. 

Trillium – What is the ceiling height of the parkade?

The parkade ceiling height ranges from 7.5 ft. to 9 ft. throughout the space. 

Trillium – What will happen if interest rates go up?

Currently, have have two financial companies providing preferred mortgage packages for purchases of Trillium:

RBC – offering up to a 42 month rate guarantee

Mortgage Tech – offering up to a 36 month rate guarantee

*Buyers are suggested to seek independent professional advice when it comes to financial or legal matters.

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