Dog and Bike Wash at City Gardens July 7, 2023

The City Gardens’ Trillium tower keeps getting bigger and better every day! We met with Kelson Group’s interior design director Trish Becher to learn more about the latest additions to this luxurious community – the exclusive dog and bike wash station. In line with the vision of providing superior resident satisfaction, these exclusive amenities will bring a new level of convenience to all residents and their furry friends.

The dog and bike wash station will be found in a dedicated room in the parkade level one, adjacent to a set of stairs and close to the storage room and scooter parking for extra convenience. “It will act as a hub of secondary amenities in the building,” said Becher.

Given Kamloopsians’ active lifestyle and love for dogs, this space will allow residents to keep their four-legged friends and bikes in top shape after a day in the park.

“When people are downsizing, one of the key things they leave behind is the yard work, but also the garden hose. By providing residents with this area, they will have the opportunity to care for their pets and their bikes as if they owned a home on a lot,” said Becher.

The best thing about these stations is their innovative and accessible design, caring for the physical well-being of the residents and their pets. The actual wash stations will be elevated about 2 ft off the floor, preventing pet owners from bending down to clean their dogs or their bikes after a long day out. The wash-station will also offer hot and cold water, ensuring a more enjoyable bath time experience for pets and owners alike.

“We are thinking about the ergonomics of posture and the physical well-being of the residents as well. Instead of having them be on their hands and knees to clean their dogs or bikes, they will be able to do so standing in a comfortable and upright position,” said Becher, adding that stations will have a sloped ramp that will allow smaller or elderly dogs to access the area easily, as well as metal leash hooks to keep pets securely in place while being washed.

“These features continue to exemplify our commitment to enhancing our residents’ living experience,” expressed Becher.

With the addition of these modern amenities to the City Gardens neighbourhood, you can attend to your pet’s grooming needs or give your bike a thorough wash without leaving the comfort of your own home. Save time and effort as you discover the perks of living in the core of Downtown Kamloops.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about Trillium at City Gardens to uncover what makes it the ultimate place for luxurious and effortless living.

Image of the basic concept is shown. Station may not be exactly as shown, as it will include a ramp instead of stairs for extra convenience and accessibility.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: July 7, 2023

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