Life in the City Gardens Neighbourhood: June May 24, 2023

This June, we highlight a special member of the City Gardens family – pets. According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute, as of September 2022, 60% of homes own at least one cat or dog. At City Gardens’ Trillium tower, each household is welcome to share their space with up to two fur babies under 22 inches [56 cm] tall that weigh less than 50 lbs [23 kg] each. While a dog park, and common areas, such as the plaza between the towers, are planned for City Gardens, some spaces, like the incredibly convenient dog wash station in the parkade, will be exclusive to residents.

If there is one thing dog owners have in common, it is the “walkie.” A perk of living in the downtown core is that you can enjoy a variety of strolls, including The Back Alley Art Gallery. While your fluffy friend explores, view over 30 eclectic art murals meandering along a route bordered east to west by 2nd and 6th Avenues and north to south by Lansdowne and Seymour Streets. Do some window shopping on Victoria Street or wander over to the Frozen Paddle or Scoopz and allow your pooch to choose the course while you race to the bottom of your cone.

It is almost guaranteed that the best time your pup will ever have will be at Pioneer Park. Sandwiched between the Rivers Trail and River Street at 40-7th Avenue, this beach offers washrooms, picnic tables, good sticks, and an abundance of playmates. It is a dog and dog lover’s oasis and only an 18-minute walk from home.

We predict your fur baby will appreciate living in the City Gardens neighbourhood as much as you!

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: May 24, 2023

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