Meet the Sales Centre Designer: Tanya Wassen May 10, 2022

The skyline of every city tells many stories. In a city like Kamloops where the mountains are a signature of the landscape, growing up no longer needs to mean ‘up the hillside’. As planning for a reimagined downtown unfolds, more new residents, including the City Gardens Sales Centre’s designer, Tanya Wassen, are rediscovering an urban tradition: walking.

“A lot of inspiration just comes from taking a walk and observing – an organic approach. For the City Gardens Sales Centre, walking the neighbourhood helped me strategize styles. It is a design evolution inspired by the community we live in,” said Wassen.

Inspired by the vibrancy of downtown Kamloops, Wassen brought together the scenery and authenticity of the surrounding neighbourhood into the design of the Sales Centre for City Gardens.

“I grew up in Kamloops and began my love of interior design by working for local developers. Knowing Interior Design was her passion, I pursued a Bachelor of Interior Design at Mount Royal in Calgary. Ever since then, I have followed my passion to create living spaces, shopping and professional environments not just pleasing to the eye but using materials that bring warmth inspired by surrounding locations and perspectives,” said Wassen.

Tanya moved back to B.C. and with her company, Spot On Interior Design, has worked on a variety of design projects in Kamloops, most recently facilitating the interior design work for the City Gardens Sales Centre. 

The City Gardens Sales Centre will have a long life over the next ten years as the phases of the development progress.

“The Sales Centre materials are drawn from the ‘gardens’ perspective of the name, such as preserved foliage plus a more open concept with exposed concrete to replicate the feeling of being in an urban-style garden rather than a sales suite. We are also using specialty lighting and windows to recreate a natural environment indoors,” she explained.

Trillium will be the first tower to rise and is featured in the Centre with a suite layout and a 3D scale model.

As in similar cities, urban life is changing, and the increasing amenities taxpayers expect requires an invigoration of residential opportunities. With getting back to walking as a part of daily life for residents, Tanya sees good things ahead.

This is her first project with Kelson Group but being part of the Venture Kamloops “Accelerate” program, which assists small business startups to establish in existing downtown Kamloops buildings, Tanya’s interior design goals for the City Gardens Sales Centre are a most natural match. Tanya’s company Spot On was also just awarded 7 prestigious Keystone Awards for interior design at the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Central Interior.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: May 10, 2022

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