Mortgage Tech Offers Free Mortgage Review and Pre-Approvals for City Gardens August 16, 2022

Since the unveiling of City Gardens, hundreds of people have shown interest in buying a condo and living downtown in this new Kamloops oasis. But if you are buying your first house and are not sure where to start with the mortgage process, or if you need an extra hand to buy a second home at City Gardens, the project’s REALTORS® have joined with local mortgage brokers, Mortgage Tech.

The Kamloops mortgage brokerage, owned by Sarah and Lucas Mathieu, is one of the mortgage companies helping buyers obtain a free mortgage review and get pre-approved for the Trillium suites at City Gardens. To start on this journey, buyers are encouraged to email or connect with Lucas at 250.320.5555.

“Any real estate purchase is also a long-term investment, so our commitment is to work to create a custom mortgage for each purchaser, before closing on the sale of their Trillium suite which is expected to gain occupancy in 2025. This will ensure for a smooth purchase and transition to their new home,” said Sarah.

Sarah also noted a few important points about eligibility for a mortgage when approaching Mortgage Tech:

  • Anyone can inquire or get pre-approved, the whole process is free
  • Mortgage Tech can help clients coast-to-coast in Canada
  • Their main focus is self-employed clients, but they can help with almost any income type.

“Mortgage Tech is a mortgage broker company powered by Dominion Lending Centres, the largest mortgage brokerage in Canada.  We have access to hundreds of lenders, programs, and some of the best interest rates in Canada,” said Sarah.

Sarah also noted that even though financing may not be required for years to come, it is important for people to review their financial situation to ensure they can afford the condo when the time comes.

“Checking in with your mortgage professional before acquiring any new debts or taking a new job is a great idea, to ensure there will be little to no impact on your future financing needs. It’s never too early to speak to a Mortgage Professional about your personal financial situation and any financial changes that may arise between now and the closing date of your condo,” Sarah explained.

“We have worked on many presale and new construction purchases around Kamloops and other parts of B.C. However, this is the largest project we have ever been partnered with in the Kamloops area and we are so excited about it!” said Sarah. “Mortgage Tech is thrilled to be part of such an amazing development. The developer and REALTORS® involved are a staple in the Kamloops community, so we are honoured to be connected in any way.”

So far, the response Mortgage Tech has received has been “amazing” and the brokerage has already started helping many people assess their financial situations before and after purchasing their new condo.

“Now is a great time to explore pulling your home equity to purchase an investment property or future home base at City Gardens. We can help offer home equity line of credits that will be ready and available to you as we get closer to the City Gardens closing dates in 2025,” concluded Sarah.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: August 16, 2022

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