Newly Installed Construction Crane Reaches Skyward October 27, 2022

Kamloops, B.C.: In no other time in Kamloops’ history has a construction crane of such epic heights been erected. Kamloops’ skyline is set to evolve with the City Gardens development by Kelson Group, and the newly erected 200-foot, free standing construction crane is a sign of the sheer height of the first tower – Trillium – under construction now.

Pagnotta, the company hired to construct and pour concrete for the vertical slabs for the 24-storey Trillium tower, assembled the crane October 25 and 26, 2022. With the three-storey underground parkade already excavated, the erection of the crane is the next big step of construction.

“We are so thrilled to be a part of the City Gardens development,” remarked Wes Caudle of Pagnotta Concrete. “Although our company has been a part of building many high-rise buildings in larger urban centres like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Saskatoon, this is our first project in Kamloops and our team is excited to be here working on the City Gardens development for the next several months.”

Caudle and his crew have taken up residence in downtown Kamloops, close to the City Gardens development, as they work on the project.

“We’ve really been enjoying staying in downtown Kamloops. It’s easy to see why living in the downtown core is appealing to so many new purchasers in the City Gardens development. There’s so much to do within walking distance. We will be here for the next several months for the construction of the parkade and first tower, and people are welcome to watch our progress,” noted Caudle.

The work around pouring concrete for a tower like Trillium is a multifaceted process. Project Engineers and Architects have worked to ensure the design and structure of the tower is to code and then the construction teams work with subcontractors who bring in many thousands of pounds of rebar to reinforce the structure for the tower. Although it is now fall, Caudle and his team will be working right through winter to keep the progress rolling on the vertical build of the tower, which is estimated to take about 7 months.

“Many people think that when it gets really cold, you can’t pour concrete. It’s just not the case,” said Caudle. “Our team creates concrete that can be both poured and properly set in cold temperatures. We’ve successfully done our work year-round, including in the winter months, in cities like Edmonton. Although it is a challenge, our teams are both resilient and remarkable and keep projects moving forward, meeting our very high standards of excellence.”

Keeping an eye on the progress of the development is Executive Director and Founder of Kelson Group, Ron Fawcett.

“It’s been quite a scene watching the large-scale excavation work underway,” said Fawcett. “Now with the construction crane installed, we’ll all have the opportunity to see Trillium rise floor by floor by floor. It really is a vision come true for our company, and we’re thrilled to have the Pagnotta team, with their extensive experience, on board.”

And there’s more skyward momentum to come for the crane.

“Once we get past building floor 12, we will jack up the crane from that floor so that we can complete the vertical slabs for the last 12 floors of the tower,” noted Caudle. “This project is truly a collaborative effort of many to ensure safety is the number one priority, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and completing our work on time and on budget.”

Of note, special permits and approvals were given by Navigation Canada and Transport Canada to ensure the cranes presence does not hamper air travel, including emergency air ambulance service to and from Royal Inland Hospital.

Kelson Group invites the community to visit to see pictures of the construction of the crane from the ground floor to its full height.  

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: October 27, 2022

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