Rebar: Building a Strong Foundation for City Gardens June 12, 2023

In the heart of Kamloops, an ambitious project is underway that promises to redefine urban living. City Gardens, a development by the esteemed Kelson Group, is not only committed to delivering a high-quality, durable, and safe building for the community but also emphasizes the meticulous use of reinforcing steel bars, known as rebar, to ensure a solid foundation. With a focus on structural integrity, Kelson Group’s incorporation of rebar in City Gardens underscores their dedication to creating a robust and long-lasting structure that stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence.

The significance of rebar in construction cannot be overstated. It serves as the backbone of the foundation, reinforcing and strengthening the structure to withstand various loads and external forces. Patrick Brown, one of the site supervisors at City Gardens explained, “This is the main structural component of the foundation and is inspected thoroughly prior to placing concrete.” The careful placement and inspection of rebar ensure that the concrete foundation is reinforced, preventing cracks and ensuring its durability.

At City Gardens, rebar is playing a vital role in strengthening the structure. Notably, the East Tower Transfer slab, on which the crew is currently working, is the main-level concrete slab, and boasts an impressive steel weight of over 500,000 pounds, highlighting the commitment to a robust foundation.

Kelson Group, committed to delivering a high-quality, durable, and safe building for the community, has partnered with trusted contractors to ensure the impeccable execution of the rebar work. K-Rod Steel, a renowned supplier of high-quality steel, is providing the essential material for reinforcement and Shepherd Reinforcing, Menov Reinforcing, and Zinger Contracting are the highly skilled contractors that are doing the actual rebar installation.

“Everything at City Gardens is inspected by our construction team, concrete forming sub-contractor & our consultant team comprised of structural & geotechnical engineers. We also test all concrete that is poured on-site which goes through multiple-day test breaks to make sure we achieve or surpass the engineered specifications,” said Patrick.

Committed to delivering a high-quality, durable, and safe building for the community, City Gardens has partnered with Pagnotta for the overall foundation work as well. As a family-owned integrated construction company specializing in concrete construction and equipment services, Pagnotta is responsible for the foundation work. With their expertise in high-rise, mixed-use, residential, and commercial projects, Pagnotta brings a wealth of experience to the project.

The foundation of any building is the fundamental element that determines its stability, durability, and overall safety. And City Gardens is taking no chances when it comes to laying a strong groundwork for the future.

“​This is the largest foundation built in Kamloops which is a large commitment for Kelson Group. Our team is focused on delivering a high-quality product for people to enjoy and that will last a lifetime,” concluded Patrick.

At present, the crew has completed roughly 30 percent rebar work on the parkade. As construction progresses, City Gardens continues with its commitment to quality, promising a future where the community can flourish and thrive within a sturdy and enduring foundation.

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: June 12, 2023

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