Trillium: Behind the name of Kamloops’ newest nature-inspired development May 3, 2022

A name can carry so much meaning and aspiration for excellence, and the City Gardens’ 24-storey luxury tower does just that with the name Trillium, speaking volumes of the grand vision to come.

The entire naming concept for the City Gardens project came from the vision of Ron Fawcett, Executive Director and Founder of Kelson Group. It was his vision of a garden oasis within the city that led to the name City Gardens, said Mandy Curtis, Marketing Director for Kelson Group.

The design concept by Station One Architects, which found its roots in Fawcett’s vision, mimics plants, trees and overall nature, incorporating wood, stone and textures.

“I always had a desire to design things in a natural, organic sort of a way,” said Station One Architect’s Justin Dyck. “The overall concept – the look and feel of the building has taken its influence, mimicking plants and nature, trying to create a natural oasis in the centre of the city. Supports, columns, everything is inspired by nature, and all things we find in nature.”

The naming of all the six buildings in the City Gardens’ bouquet of buildings, Trillium, Alyssium, Lotus, Orchid, Birch and Aspen, was done in collaboration with Fresh Inc. Trillium, the first tower to be constructed – was inspired by the Western Trillium, also known as Pacific Trillium, Wake Robins, and Western White Trillium. These flowers are found throughout Southern B.C., down to central California, and as far east as Alberta, Idaho, and Montana.

“The natural make up of the Trillium plant stalks symbolizes the two towers in the City Gardens project,” explained Curtis.

When it comes to the brand and marketing too, of all six buildings, it centres around a flower or tree theme that was inspired by the natural foliage of the city of Kamloops and the province of B.C., and was in collaboration with Fresh Inc., explained Curtis.

“In fact, the vertical design of the word ‘Trillium’ replicates the two towers with the two l’s,” said Jennifer  McKinney, owner of  Fresh Inc.  

Trillium will feature a gorgeous lounge space, fitness studio and shared workspaces on the second floor. A unique space such as a café or restaurant is anticipated to occupy the ground floor, whereas the 22nd floor will feature a breathtaking view for residents to host guests or just sit and unwind taking in the fabulous north facing view.

“We want residents to feel that Trillium is their home oasis,” noted Curtis, “A bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, yet conveniently located downtown.”

Author: Mandy Curtis Post Date: May 3, 2022

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